The Best Cardiology Stethoscopes That Don’t Skip A Beat!

best cardiology stethoscope

Medicine has come a long way over the past couple of centuries.

Visit a hospital today, and you will notice barely any leeches, needlessly amputated limps, or holes being drilled in heads. The rise of cardiology was a major breakthrough in the medical industry.

Of course, cardiology is still on the rise and every year a variety of new groundbreaking machines are introduced to aid in the diagnosing of cardiovascular diseases. However, even with all this new technology, cardiology depends on one seemingly basic tool: the stethoscope.

A good stethoscope is essential for any cardiologist, but is surprisingly hard to come by. With all the stethoscopes available in 2018, even the most seasoned medical professional may struggle to determine which is the best cardiac stethoscope. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. We have studied dozens of cardiac stethoscope reviews and gathered the most popular models in this handy, time-saving list.

Here are our comparison of the five ​best cardiology stethoscopes.

Littmann Cardiology IV

Littmann Cardiology IV

Most medical professionals are familiar with the Littmann name. The brand has been in business for decades now and in that time has established itself as the premier manufacturer of stethoscopes. If you’re looking for the ​​best cardiology stethoscope, you’re likely to find it in LIttmann’s Cardiology grade series.

The Cardiology IV was designed with all cardiologists in mind. It makes clear auscultation of adults and children a breeze and can alternate between high and low frequencies with a simple change in pressure.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the Littmann Cardiology IV features two sound paths enclosed in one tube, eliminating any interference by the noise of two tubes rubbing together.

Littmann 3200BK27

We’re going from one Littmann product to another here, this time the Littmann 3200BK27. This is an electronic cardiology stethoscope, which may make some more traditional doctors shudder. For more technologically inclined doctors, however, it may hold some appeal.

The Littmann 3200BK27 cardiology stethoscope makes auscultation easier than ever before and is capable of 24X sound amplification. When the device is turned up to full volume, it is possible to hear a patient’s heartbeat through their clothes. Due to its ability to pick up and magnify even the faintest heartbeat, this is perfect for doctor’s who regularly deal with obese patients.

For cardiologists who like to be meticulous in their analysis of a patient’s heartbeat, there is a sound recording function. This makes it possible to playback the sound of a beating heart when time permits, allowing for more detailed examination of the organ.

EMI Sprague Rappaport

Taking us away from Littmann products is this Sprague Rappaport from Elite Medical Instruments.

While this cardiology stethoscope sells for significantly less than products from rival brands, it provides unmistakably clear sound transmission. For medical students who wish to master the art of using a cardiology stethoscope but don’t have a whole lot of money to spend, this may be the best way to go.

Some people may be turned off by the color of the cardiology stethoscope, which is admittedly a little tough on the eyes. However, if the worst thing you can say about a product is that the color is less than appealing, it’s usually a good sign.

Passionate Care Premium Stethoscope

The Passionate Care Premium Cardiology Stethoscope is very carefully designed and just as carefully packaged. The words sleek, elegant, and swanky could be used to describe both the cardiology stethoscope and the box in which it comes.

While a lot of glamorous looking tools fall down when it comes to performance, the Premium Cardiology Stethoscope from Passionate Care does everything it claims to do and more. It provides the wearer with perfect clarity when trying to monitor the heartbeat of a patient and is generally uncorrupted by surrounding noise.

The folks at Passionate Care are so confident in their product that they promise to give you a full refund if it does not prove to be the best sounding cardiology stethoscope you have ever used.


MDF Cardiology stethoscopes have a loyal following and are usually a great deal cheaper than Littmann products. Despite the decreased price, MDF pledges that every stethoscope it manufactures will be an improvement on the last and offer only the very best sound technology available in a traditional cardiology stethoscope.

The MD One is a premium cardiology stethoscope which allows for accurate and near unrivaled auscultation of the heart and lung. It is fitted with a hand crafted, stainless steel chest piece to ensure it performs to the highest quality possible.

All of MDF’s products are handmade, so you don’t need to worry about your cardiology stethoscope falling apart due to inattentive mass engineering. On the off chance that you do experience issues with your cardiology stethoscope, you can take comfort in the fact that MDF offers a free-parts-for-live program, covering any repairs which may be necessary.


And so concludes our search for the best cardiology stethoscope.

It seems obvious to say, but the heart is the heart of the human body. Without it, you can’t really do a whole lot. And if the heart isn’t performing in the way that it should be, tragedy usually isn’t far away. That’s why, as a cardiologist, you owe it to yourself and your patients to ensure you are operating with the best tools available. When a patient comes to you, they expect you to use only the very finest pieces of equipment to treat them, and that includes the best stethoscopes.

With the right cardiology stethoscope, you will be able to hear pretty much everything going on inside your patient’s chest and determine if the heart is performing as it should be or if further testing is necessary. That little rubber tube you drape over your neck when you’re not using it really is the difference between life and death.

Last updated on August 10th, 2018