The Best Finger Blood Pressure Monitor – Get The Highest Quality In The Market!

Best Finger Blood Pressure Monitor

Ever had ​a finger blood pressure ​apparatus that displayed terribly inaccurate readings and caused your anxiety to go overboard?

You can now stop your search for the best finger blood pressure ​machine, as we have grouped together the best and authentic ones for you!

Wrist and upper-arm blood pressure monitors are mainstays of the blood pressure monitor industry, but​ you may find them a little bit too bulky or intimidating to be of any use.

Finger b​lood pressure machines provide a welcome and handy (no pun intended) alternative to these more popular models.

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A lot of people are suspicious of finger ​b​lood pressure machines and believe them to be unreliable and ineffective when it comes to delivering a reliable reading of one’s blood levels. While it is true that there are a lot of finger ​b​lood pressure machines which fail to provide an accurate measurement of blood pressure, there are many which can hold their own against their upper-arm and wrist counterparts.

You’re about to learn all about it!

Best Finger Blood Pressure Monitor Comparison Table  





Acc U Rate CMS 500DL Pro Series
  • Pulse rate and pulse strength in 10 seconds
  • Comes in Finger chamber with SMART Spring System
TemplR Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • ​Lasts for 1,000s readings
  • Material: High density ABS plastic construction
Facelake Pulse Oximeter
  • ​Pulse Rate in 10 seconds or less
  • ​Large digital red LED display
Santa Medical Generation 2 SM-165
  • Pulse rate and pulse strength in 10 seconds
  • ​​​Digital ​OLED rotatable and multidirectional display

​*Updated as of ​​April 2020.

Of course, finding those finger ​b​lood pressure machines can be a little on the tricky side, ​and you do not want to be ripped off of this long-term investment, which is where we come in. ​

Our team of experts have gone through ​10 finger ​b​​lood pressure machine reviews to bring you this list of the most popular ones today. In fact, they have run out of fingers to test theses blood pressure ​monitors!

Be careful not to get ripped off, ​and only get the best value and authentic manufacturer's product in our links below.

Without further ado, here are four of the best finger blood pressure monitors on the market.

1. Acc U Rate CMS 500DL Pro Series

Acc U Rate CMS 500DL Pro Series

First up in our search for the best finger ​b​p ​monitors is the CMS 500DL Pro Series from Acc U Rate.

The CMS 500DL Pro Series came into existence as a result of the public’s dissatisfaction with Acc U Rate’s original CMS 500DL fingertip ​b​​lood pressure machine. Customers complained that it was unreliable, ineffective, and flimsy.

Acc U Rate owned up to its mistake, listened to customer feedback, and went back to the drawing board. Acc U Rate’s decision to listen to its customers proved extremely beneficial as the newly designed CMS 500DL Pro Series has become incredibly popular.

Unlike its predecessor, the CMS 500DL Pro Series offers consistently accurate readings, the kind you would expect from a wrist or upper-arm blood pressure monitor.

It is designed to be used by hikers, runners, and ​​this is the best for people like you who might need a reading while on the go. A large LED display makes it possible to read your results outdoors, regardless of the weather or the time of day. 

TemplR Finger Pulse Oximeter

This finger ​b​p ​monitor from TemplR has the ability to give you an accurate reading in almost no time at all. It is one of the more easy to use finger​ ​blood pressure machines on the market and requires only the push of a button to measure your blood pressure.

The TempR Finger Pulse Oximeter also has the ability to detect an irregular or weak heartbeat, which it will then alert you to. This is a feature generally seen on wrist and upper-arm blood pressure monitor but is generally absent from the finger alternatives.

Furthermore, a rotatable dial allows you to read your results from any angle; a seemingly insignificant though undeniably useful feature. This is the best choice for an effortless and reliable finger ​b​lood pressure machine.

Facelake Pulse Oximeter

The Facelake Pulse Oximeter is one of the less expensive fingertip ​b​lood pressure machines on the market today.

It comes in at just under $20, which may leave ​you feeling skeptical about its performance. But this finger ​b​lood pressure machine is surprisingly effective despite its low price tag.

One of the major selling points of the Facelake Pulse Oximeter is the time in which in can provide you with a reading. In just ten seconds, it will present you with your results on the large LED display. Readings provided by this finger b​​lood pressure machine are as reliable as they are timely.

The Facelake Pulse Oximeter was designed to not only meet FDA requirements, but to completely surpass them. If you're on a budget​, this one is for you!

Santa Medical Generation 2 SM-165

Reviews of the Santa Medical Generation 2 SM-165 have been extremely positive, and it isn't hard to see why.

Much like the finger ​b​​lood pressure machine which started off this list, the Santa Medical Generation 2 SM-165 is an improvement upon a previous release, although the predecessor to this one was a success in its own right.

The new and improved finger ​b​​lood pressure machine from Santa Medical features increased accuracy in its readings, which, by the way, are processed and presented with greater speed than ever before.

The Santa Medical Generation 2 SM-165 is lightweight and portable, even for a finger ​b​lood pressure machine, and can be easily taken with you on hikes and runs. ​This is the ​most beneficial choice for when ​are away from home for days at a time as it features a long battery life.

Acc U Rate CMS 500DL Pro Series
  • Pulse rate and pulse strength in 10 seconds
  • Comes in Finger chamber with SMART Spring System
  • ​​BEST choice to be used by hikers, runners, and for people on-the-go

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That brings our search for the best finger ​b​lood pressure machine to a close. We totally understand why ​you may be suspicious of this kind of blood pressure monitor. If you're thinking of going back to a simpler type, we've made a review on the best upper arm blood pressure monitors for you as well.

Let’s be honest, the finger b​lood pressure machines have gotten some pretty bad press over the past couple of years. But as you can see from the fingertip ​b​p ​monitors covered in this article, much of this criticism is unjustified. A finger ​b​p m​onitor can be just as effective as the best blood pressure monitors for a wrist or upper-arm model.

If you choose one of the monitors we included here, you can be sure of reliable and accurate readings for years to come. ​