Best Littman Stethoscope Reviews To Suit Your Needs

best littmann stethoscope

As a medical professional, you have an obligation to use only the best tools available when treating your patients.

Stethoscopes may seem like a pretty basic part of any doctor’s personalized arsenal, but don’t let that drive you into indifference when you’re in the market for one. A good stethoscope is essential and you owe it to your patients to purchase one from a classic trustworthy brand, such as Littmann.

Littmann was founded by David Littmann in the latter half of the 20th century and has gone on to become one of the most respected manufacturers of stethoscopes for students and professionals alike.

Littmann stethoscopes are superior compared to rival brands as they offer high acoustic sensibility, adjustable headsets, and tunable diaphragms. But which is the best Littmann stethoscope for you? That’s hard to say, but we’ve sifted through dozens of Littmann stethoscope reviews to bring you this list of the brand’s best so you can decide on and buy one for yourself.

Here are five of the best Littmann stethoscopes for doctors and doctors in training.

Best Littmann Stethoscope Comparison ​Chart







Littmann Cardiology III

5 years



Littmann 3200BK27

3 years



Littmann Cardiology IV

7 years



Littmann Select Stethoscope

2 years



Littmann Lightweight II S.E

2 years



Littmann Cardiology III

Kicking off our search for the best Littmann stethoscope is the Littmann Cardiology III, which is considered by many to be the gem of Littmann products.

The Littmann Cardiology III is a dual sided stethoscope, meaning it can be used on adults and elderly patients without any need to change the head. It comes equipped with two tunable diaphragms so it can capture both low and high frequency sounds with equal clarity.

With an abundance of other features which we can’t cover due to time constraints, it is no wonder why a negative Littmann Cardiology III review is so hard to find. Students may be a bit put off by the price of this stethoscope, but for professional doctors, it’s hard to go wrong with the Littmann Cardiology III.

Littmann 3200BK27

Littmann electronic stethoscope reviews, and electronic stethoscope reviews in general, are pretty mixed. Some medical professionals see electronic stethoscopes as convoluted and way too complicated to be of any use, while others believe them to be the way of the future. However you feel about electronic stethoscopes, there is no denying that the Littmann 3200BK27 is an extremely impressive tool.

This electronic stethoscope allows for 24X sound amplification, making clear auscultation possible even when your patient is fully clothed. It is also equipped with bluetooth technology, which allows you to record sounds for further, more detailed analysis of your patient’s heartbeat.

Littmann Cardiology IV

We already took a look at the Littmann Cardiology III, but if you’re somebody who wants to get the absolute latest model, you may be more interested in the Littmann Cardiology IV.

The Cardiology IV comes with many of the features of its predecessor while boasting a few new ones to boot. This model also allows for greater clarity of high-frequency sounds than the Cardiology III.

The Littmann Cardiology IV is arguably the best BPMGuide recommended Littmann ​type for doctors in training as it includes a free download of the Littmann Learning Institute app, which makes it possible to practice your auscultation skills from your smartphone.

Littmann Select Stethoscope

The Littmann Select Stethoscope is perhaps the most straightforward, traditional entry on this list and is surprisingly basic considering what we’re used to seeing from Littmann.

Basic though reliable, the Select has everything you need for accurate assessment of heart, lung, and blood pressure. It can capture both high and low frequency sounds, which it then transports uncompromised through the tube to the angled headset.

The comfort of the patient is of paramount importance to Littmann, as it should be, which is why this stethoscope features a non-chill rim. On top of that, it is completely latex free, so you don’t have to worry about your patient having an undiscovered latex allergy.

Littmann Lightweight II S.E

The Littmann Lightweight II S.E is similar to the previous stethoscope in that it is not as high tech as some of the other options on this list. Despite that, it is a high quality, high performance stethoscope and is the perfect entry level tool for those who are just beginning their training or career. This piece is also included in our review of the best stethoscopes for nurses.

Clear ausculation is made easy with this stethoscope, which features a dual sided chest piece in the shape of a teardrop. While most people would like to avoid tears while visiting the doctor, the unusual shape of the chest piece makes it easier to obtain reliable auscultation around blood pressure cuffs.

In keeping with the “ideal for students” theme, the Littmann Lightweight II S.E offers a free download of the Littman Learning Institute app with every purchase, just like the Cardiology IV.


After reading this list, you likely understand why Littmann is one of the most trusted producers of best and newest stethoscopes in the world, if you didn’t already. The stethoscopes covered here vary in style and design and each of the best stethoscopes are suited to a different person and purpose. That being said, all five ensure clear auscultation and an accurate assessment of your patient’s cardiological condition (as long as you know what you're doing).

Some people may shy away from Littmann because of the price, particularly students, who tend to be on the unenviable side of the financial spectrum. While Littmann products are admittedly a bit pricey, they tend to be superior to cheaper models. For the early days of your medical training, you may be able to get away with using a five dollar stethoscope, but for your final year and everything that comes after it, you best get your hands on a Littmann.

Last updated on May 28th, 2020