Best Scrubs For Nurses – Look Or Comfort? You Can Have Both!

best nursing scrubs

One of the best thing about being a nurse is the ability to wear nice and comfortable scrubs. No need for a business suit or other uncomfortable outfit. And an even better news is that it’s now possible to find the best rated nursing scrubs whatever your figure is.

In this review, we are going to take a look at the following information for the 5 best scrubs for nurses on the market today:

- Features.

- Comfort level, functionality, and durability.

- Price.

- What customers have to say about them.

At the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to choose the ​best rated nursing scrubs for you.

Let’s get started!

Dagacci Scrubs

Dagacci Scrubs

Dagacci Medical Uniform is one of the ​best rated nursing scrubs brands, and their products are well-loved.

These best nursing scrubs are made of polyester and cotton blended poplin and are very comfortable. They have two top patch pockets, one chest pocket with a reinforced pen slot and three pants side cargo pockets. That means these best nursing scrubs are also very practical.

They are of good quality and wash well and should have an excellent durability.

They are suitable for both men and women. According to the reviews, they are sized pretty big. If you’re a woman, it would be wise to order one size down.

Most reviews are good, and people say they feel awesome and are practical. They like the pants pockets a lot. People think the Dagacci scrubs are the best value for money and many own several sets.

These best nursing scrubs come in size 1X big to XX-large and 23 different colors. Since they cost less than $20, you can have several sets of ​best nursing scrubs for a good price. And that’s always handy when you are a nurse looking for nice scrubs!

Grey's Anatomy Women's Wrap Scrub Top

The Grey’s Anatomy™ brand is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why.

The flexible fabric and the stylish cut make these ​best nursing scrubs both comfortable and professional looking.

The top we have selected is made with a blend of polyester and rayon, and the elastic back provides a perfect fit. It has two front pockets with plenty of space.

Grey’s Anatomy™ scrubs are probably the most comfortable and best nursing scrubs in the market. They also are of good quality and hold well after washes.

The reviews are superb. Customers love how flattering and comfortable this top is. Many people say that they are well worth the price.

At about $27 for the top, they are not the cheapest scrubs on the market. If you want both comfort and style, they are an excellent pick for you. After all, we all deserve to look good in our best nursing scrubs.

They come in size X-small to XXXXX-large and 19 different elegant colors. Which means that there’s one that will fit you!

Grey's Anatomy Women's Drawstring Scrub Pant

If you try the Grey’s Anatomy™ tops, it’s very likely that you’ll fall in love with them and will want to buy the pants as well. So we have selected the best pant to match your beautiful top.

The pants are made of the same flexible material as the top and are of the same quality. It has a drawstring closure which means it fits well at the waist.

They have five pockets, but those are pretty small, so it might not be the best choice for you if you need to carry a lot of things in your pockets.

The reviews are excellent. Customers enjoy how extremely comfortable and breathable the fabric is. They love that the color is holding well after several washes and that it doesn’t need to be ironed to look good.

They come in size XX-small to X-large Petite. It’s a junior fit, so you will need another model if you’re a bit larger. There are 15 different colors from which you can choose.

Apparently, the white one has see-through pockets so it might not be a great choice if you carry things in your pockets.

At about, $35, they are excellent quality pants and one of the best nursing scrubs that you will love wearing. They are probably the most comfortable scrubs on the market today.

Koi Women's Scrub Top

Koi is another well-loved brand of ​the best nursing scrubs. Their products are looking very good and professional.

The one we selected is made of 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester and is super comfy.

They come in size X-small to XXX-large, and there are 18 beautiful colors for this model.

This top has two patch pockets and a mini chest pocket. That last one is tiny and can hold only a credit card or similar item.

Customers love it because it’s practical and the fit is very flattering. It washes and dries well which is always a plus. They like how comfortable it is, and they are happy with their purchase.

The price will vary on the size. It starts as little as $12, and the larger one will cost less than $25. That makes it a very good value top which you will love wearing and will make you look good.

What’s not to love?

Cherokee Uniforms Authentic Workwear Unisex Scrub Set

Our last selection is only for men. After all, they deserve to look good too with the best nursing scrubs.

The one we selected is a scrub set from Cherokee which is one of the ​best rated nursing scrubs brands for men in our opinion.

They have a lot of options to choose from but this set is the best value of all.

The fabric is soft and is a blend of cotton and polyester. They come in 27 different and fashionable colors.

The top has one left breast pocket with a pen slot. The pant has one back right pocket and a cargo-like large pocket on the right leg. There is a smaller pocket inside the large one which is handy to store your cell phone.

They come with an adjustable drawstring at the waist and in size 3X - large to XX-large.

Customers like the fact that they are durable as well as practical. Many say they own several or will buy more in the future.

With the price starting at about $20, this set is ​one of the best nursing scrubs and will last a long time. Cherokee is an outstanding brand.

Sum Up

This is the end of our best nursing scrubs review and we hope you have found it useful. We have selected the 5 ​best rated nursing scrubs but of course, there are many more great options out there!

We have seen their features and their price. We have seen what customers have to say about each of them, so you know what to expect. Compliment your ​best nursing scrub with the best pair of shoes, check out our review on the best shoes for male nurses today.

The most frequent complaints we have seen w​ere about the size not fitting properly so make sure to check the sizing chart before ordering.

If you order online, you should use Amazon to make sure you can return them in case of a size problem.

The features we gave our attention to were the comfort, the design and the price.

We believe that working in comfortable work clothes can make a huge difference in your day so this feature is very important to us. This also goes well for having the best BPMGuide recommended nursing shoes, as you will be on your feet all day.

The design might not be the most crucial feature for ​the best nursing scrubs but if you can look good as well as feel good, then you should do it!

The price you want to pay is up to you. There are good BPMG recommended nursing scrubs at a very good price and you really don’t have to break the bank.

The price will be higher if you choose a nursing scrub with more features and of higher quality. It will also last you longer.

If you want a very good and durable nursing scrub, spend a little more. If you prefer a wide variety of nursing scrubs that you can replace often, you can spend less.

Hope you find the perfect​ and the best nursing scrubs for you!

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Last updated on May 28th, 2020