Best NCLEX review – Be Prepared For Your Exam!

best nclex review

If you want to become a nurse, the first thing you have to do is to be prepared for your NCLEX exam. You’re going to have many hours of studying in front of you, so it’s important you choose the best NCLEX review books to help you along. To save you time, we have researched all […]

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Pick The BEST Stethoscope For Medical Students Today

best stethoscope for medical students

There are some who say you’re only as good as the tools you use in your professional life. Others say you are only as good as the tools you learned on. If the latter is true and you’re a medical student, it is absolutely essential that you get your hands on a high quality stethoscope. […]

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Best Pediatric Stethoscope – Reviews, Prices & Comparison!

best pediatric stethoscope

Pediatricians have one of the toughest jobs in the world for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it’s never nice to see anybody ill, least of all a child. It’s heartbreaking to be confronted with an ailing toddler and know you’re the only person who can help them. Secondly, children tend to shout and […]

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The 5 Best Cardiology Stethoscopes That Don’t Skip A Beat

best cardiology stethoscope

Medicine has come a long way over the past couple of centuries. Visit a hospital today, and you will notice barely any leeches, needlessly amputated limps, or holes being drilled in heads. The rise of cardiology was a major breakthrough in the medical industry. Of course, cardiology is still on the rise and every year […]

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What Is A Stethoscope And What Different Types Are There?

what is a stethoscope

Everybody has a basic idea of what a stethoscope is. We’ve all been on the cold, metal end of one, and the hardest working among us have managed to make it to the opposite side. However, even medical students may struggle to answer the question “what is a stethoscope?” This is because while we all […]

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The Most Reliable and Overall Best Stethoscope for EMT

Unlike doctors, EMTs do not get to ply their trade inside a warm office with cups of coffee and classical music. I should probably make clear that I’m not trying to mock doctors or minimize the extraordinary work that they do every day, but I don’t think anybody will dispute the fact that EMTs work […]

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Electronic Stethoscope Reviews For The Best Diagnosis

electronic stethoscope review

A positive electronic stethoscope review isn’t hard to find, but a negative one usually isn’t very far behind. You see, electronic stethoscopes are pretty divisive in the medical industry. Older doctors, unsurprisingly, are opposed to them. They view them a needlessly complicated and unnecessary take on the traditional stethoscope which they learned to use in […]

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The Best Littmann Stethoscope Reviews To Suit Your Needs

best littmann stethoscope

As a medical professional, you have an obligation to use only the best tools available when treating your patients. Stethoscopes may seem like a pretty basic part of any doctor’s arsenal, but don’t let that drive you into indifference when you’re in the market for one. A good stethoscope is essential and you owe it […]

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