Omron 10 Series BP785 Review – Is This The Blood Pressure Monitor For You?

Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

When you're on the market for a new blood pressure monitor, you don't want to be ripped off and end up wasting dollars on a knock off product.​ Yes, knock offs exist and we hate them too.

But you've come to the right place, our reliable team of experts have done their research and now we present to you the real and authentic​ Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

The Omron BP785 10 Series is an automatic blood pressure monitor which utilizes an upper arm cuff and is part of the extensive lineup offered by industry-leading Omron.

This ​Omron Blood Pressure Monitor is a solid mid-range BPMG​ pick that has several advanced features to set it apart from the basic monitors which merely give you a reading without any additional information.

As you’ll soon find out…

This post is updated as of ​July 2021.

Advanced Features – Let’s See What The ​Omron 10 Series BP785 Can Do For You!

Omron bp785

What sets the Omron BP785 10 Series apart from the typical home blood pressure ​monitor are the advanced features that are included in this ​Omron Blood Pressure Monitor.

This monitor performs every basic function you expect, and more!

Here’s why…

Dual Sensors – Why Just Take One Reading?

Have you ever taken your blood pressure and had trouble believing whether or not the reading was accurate?

Well, the Omron 10 Series contains dual sensors which automatically double check each individual reading to ensure accuracy once you press the START/STOP button.

Turning the unit on turns on the Calibration Check System light, which remains lit unless the dual sensors detect an error, at which point the Calibration Check System light flashes and an error message is clearly shown on the LCD digital display screen.

So no need to fret over the accuracy of your reading because the Omron BP785 Blood Pressure Monitor unit will just tell you to retake your blood pressure when it detects a faulty reading.

TruRead & Advanced Averaging – Let The Device Do The Work For You

As you probably already know, it is important to take multiple readings within a short time span and average the results to determine your blood pressure, rather than just relying on a single reading.

This is easily done with the TruRead function of the Omron BP785 Blood Pressure Monitor, which can be set to take three consecutive measurements in intervals ranging from 15-120 seconds. The average of the three readings is displayed and you can also access the three individual readings used to compute the average.

It is also crucial to record your blood pressure over time to track trends and know whether you consistently have high blood pressure. The Advanced Averaging feature stores 8 weeks of averages for both morning and evening readings.

Additionally, this ​Omron Blood Pressure Monitor stores up to 100 measurement values, so you can keep your doctor up to date on the latest trends to determine if you should increase or decrease the dosage on any medications.

*Note: Along with each blood pressure measurement, the Omron 10 Series ​Blood Pressure Monitor also records your pulse rate to give you further information about your cardiovascular health.

Multiple Users – Great For Couples!

Not only does the ​Omron 10 Series BP785 Blood Pressure Monitor record up to 8 weeks of A.M. and P.M. averages and 100 sets of blood pressure and pulse measurements for one person, it also has the capability to track those same statistics for an additional user, making this meter great for couples.

All that you have to do to tell the ​Omron Blood Pressure Monitor who is currently using the machine is to toggle the User ID Selection Switch between the 'User A' and 'User B' options.

Cool Tip: If you are the sole user of this Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, one idea is to do 100 measurements as User A and then do the next 100 measurements as User B...That way you will have double the data to share with your doctor!

The Guest Mode even allows one-time users to check their blood pressure and pulse without storing any data and affecting your weekly averages.

ComFit Cuff – One Size Fits All

Omron's patented ComFit arm cuff included with the monitor fits both normal and large arms between 9" and 17" (220 mm to 420 mm) in circumference, so no need to special order a large cuff for this machine.

The ComFit cuff is pre-formed and is a premium cuff which does not come standard with Omron's more basic models. If you are looking for a comfortable cuff, it will be worth it to purchase the BP785 over the lower-end BP machines which come with less ergonomic cuffs.

​Large, Legible Display

The LCD digital display contains large numbers to clearly indicate your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your pulse.

See below for other important features located on the display.

Additional Indicators and Symbols

The Omron BP785 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor contains several additional features and symbols you should know about:

  • Cuff Wrap Guide - Indicates whether the cuff is securely placed for an accurate reading
  • Hypertension Symbol - Is displayed when your weekly average reading is greater than 135/85
  • Irregular Heartbeat Symbol - Tells you when there are two or more irregular rhythms detected during a reading
  • Movement Error Symbol - Lets you know if you are wiggling too much during operation

Some users have stated that they commonly receive error messages stating that the cuff is improperly placed or that they believe it is uncomfortable. This can usually be alleviated just by following the 7 step process for correctly applying the cuff that is outlined in the included instruction manual.

What Powers This Device?

You can use 4 AA batteries (not included) or the included AC adaptor. We were disappointed to learn that Omron does not include batteries for this advanced ​Blood Pressure Monitor.

If you choose to use batteries, there is a Low Battery Indicator which lets you know when it is time to pop in some new Energizers.

The instruction manual states that the lifetime of 4 new AA batteries is about 500 uses when used 6 times a day and users have reported going several months taking two sets of measurements per day without having to change the batteries, so they will last you a while.

Noise Level - Is It Loud?

If you are worried about noise levels or annoyed by the excessively loud machines of the past, the Omron BP785 Blood Pressure Monitor could be your saving grace.

It is quiet enough to use while holding a conversation, whether on the phone or in person, without distracting you.

That All Sounds Great, But Does It Have A Warranty?

Yes! The ​Omron Blood Pressure Monitor has a warranty of 5 years while the ComFit Cuff itself has a 1 year warranty, so you will be able to get many uses out of the Omron BP785 ​Blood Pressure Monitor without having to worry about replacing it.

Best Choice For Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

​​The Omron BP785 scores a 4.3/5 with current users. We believe this high rating is due to the many advanced features this model has which are not advanced to use. We agree that this meter is a great value for all of the features it offers, which are available at a reasonable price.


  • Numerous advanced features
  • Display
  • Low noise level
  • Warranty


  • Warranty is only 1 year for included ComFit Cuff
  • No batteries included (really, Omron??)

Shipping Details

  • 4.8 x 7.2 x 9.8 inches with a shipping weight of 2.2 pounds
  • Comes with the monitor, one ComFit Cuff, instruction manual, quick start guide, and an AC adaptor

​P​rice [Promo!]

The manufacturer’s website lists the MSRP of this model as $99.99 and is selling the Omron BP785 Blood Pressure Monitor ‘on sale’ for $79.99, but you can save $15 by going to Amazon.

Hurry! Offer lasts until the end of July 2021.


As you have read, the Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has a lot of useful advanced features to offer you without costing a fortune. This model is a great BPMGuide choice for someone who is tired of a basic monitor and wants one with enhanced capability without spending over $100.

Last updated on May 28th, 2020