Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor – High Quality For The Finest Technology

panasonic portable blood pressure monitor review

Panasonic is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It has been behind some of the finest technological devices ever produced; including camcorders, televisions, radios, and blood pressure monitors.

If you had to read that last line again, it’s perfectly understandable. Panasonic isn’t exactly known for its medical equipment. Despite this, Panasonic’s expert design team has manufactured ​BP machines with the same dedication to quality that it gives to its televisions and radios.

The Panasonic EW3109W Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor carries on Panasonic’s long history of quality and continues the company’s move towards supremacy in all areas.

Read on for our ​Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor review to see if this is the ​BP machine for you!

Our Rating


Being familiar with the ​BP machine world and what makes a top-of-the line monitor, we believe that the Panasonic Portable Blood Pressure Monitor deserves a rating of four stars. This is in part due to the multiple handy features the device offers and in part due to the success with which it carries out its most basic tasks.

Many of the most feature-rich ​BP machines on the market are so concerned with offering multiple modes and settings that the manufacturers neglect the actual act of reading blood pressure, meaning readings are often unreliable. The Panasonic Portable Blood Pressure Monitor offers the perfect combination of features and accuracy.



Anybody who has ever had to take a ​BP machine with them on vacation knows how much of a hassle it can be trying to get the thing crammed into your suitcase. However, the Panasonic Portable Blood Pressure Monitor is a slim and lightweight product and can be easily carried inside a purse or pocket.

User Friendly

A lot of the electronic blood pressure monitors on the market today can be confusing and difficult to use, particularly for older patients. Due to Panasonic's vast experience in designing electronic devices for all areas, this Panasonic ​BP machine is straightforward and can be mastered in a couple of minutes.

Two-Year Warranty

Panasonic has one of the best design teams in the world and so it is very rare that a problem prematurely arises with Panasonic products. However, if you should experience some issues with your Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor, you have a two-year limited warranty to fall back on.


Not For Multiple Users

There are a lot of best blood pressure monitors out there which can store the readings of multiple users at one time, allowing families or roommates to share the one monitor. However, the Panasonic Portable Blood Pressure Monitor does not have that capability. It features memory storage for only a single user, and so should be avoided if you are searching for a blood pressure monitor to be used by multiple people.

No Irregular Heartbeat Detection

As well as storage for multiple users, many blood pressure monitors have the ability to pick up on and alert the user to an irregular heartbeat, should one be present. This is, obviously, a potentially life saving tool. At the very least, it will bring peace of mind to all the hypochondriacs out there. This ​Panasonic BP machine does not have the ability to detect irregular heartbeats, which is perhaps the main reason to consider a different model.

Top Features

panasonic portable blood pressure monitor review


Although the Panasonic Portable Blood Pressure Monitor cannot store the readings of more than one user at a time, it offers that single user remarkable storage. The primary user of the device can record up to 90 of his or her readings at a time, making it possible for them to go back through their history and monitor the rise and fall of their blood pressure.

One-Touch Inflation

When using a ​BP machine, many people run into problems when it comes to inflating the cuff. Quite often, complications during inflation lead to inaccurate readings. The ​BP machine features a cuff with one-touch inflation, meaning it will automatically tighten around your arm to ensure a comfortable and accurate reading.

Large Display

A common gripe older users have with digital blood pressure monitors is that the display is too difficult for them to read. Panasonic has attempted to remedy this by fitting their ​BP machine with a large, easy-to-read LCD display. The results of your reading are displayed prominently on the screen, eliminating the risk of error caused by poor eyesight or inattentiveness.


With that, we bring our Panasonic Portable Blood Pressure Monitor Review to an end.

Despite a few minor flaws here and there, Panasonic’s foray into the world of medical equipment has been a successful one. This Panasonic ​BP machine is thoroughly impressive and serves to cement Panasonic’s reputation as a master of all things electrical.

It is a feature rich, easy to use blood pressure monitor which puts to shame many of the so-called experts who manufacture nothing other than medical devices. Those who purchase this monitor can look forward to the same high-performance we have come to expect from Panasonic products. Eyeing for more brands? Check out our review on the LotFancy blood pressure monitors today.

If you want to check out an unboxing of the product, you can click on the link below for a comprehensive look from YouTuber AwkwardHamster.