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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

​​The medical industry has constantly ​developed newer and better innovations, with constant reminders of staying away from knock offs, and now you ​can finally put a stop on your search for the best authentic bp machine yet.

As you’ll soon find out…

Withings has developed their wireless bp monitor and you will learn more about it here first.

This sleek device utilizes Bluetooth technology and the free, visually appealing Health Mate app from Withings to provide your health information wirelessly to your compatible Apple or Android device.

We feel that the many features of the ​Withings Blood Pressure Monitor justify the price tag of this premium blood pressure meter.

Here’s why...

This post is updated as of ​​July 2021.

Integrated Bluetooth Technology and a Beautiful App - What's Not to Like?

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest technology, you will love the Withings Wireless monitor. And if you are the type of person that is sometimes skeptical of trying new things, this Withings Blood Pressure Monitor could very well change your tune.

Compatible Devices and Software

Before we explore the ins and outs of the Withings smart blood pressure monitor, it is important to take note of the various smartphones and tablets that are currently compatible with this device and the accompanying free Health Mate app. Have no fear, both Apple and Android devices are supported:

  • iPhone - 3GS or newer
  • iPod touch - 4th generation or newer
  • iPad - 2nd generation or newer; however, the app is not yet optimized for the iPad
  • iPad mini
  • Android 4.0 or newer smartphone or tablet; app is not optimized for Android tablets

Note that all your Apple devices must be using iOS 6 or higher and that all devices must have internet capability via either a data plan or Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

We find it surprising that the app is not yet optimized for use on any tablet (iPad or Android) with the millions of tablet devices that have been sold to date. If you are predominately a tablet user, make sure that your phone is also compatible in case the app doesn't look quite right on your tablet of choice. This is one area we believe Withings could improve upon by providing an app for your tablets as well.

Health Mate App - Does More Than Just Record Your Blood Pressure

Withings has configured the free Health Mate app to automatically launch once you turn on th​is Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and are ready to take a reading, which makes taking your blood pressure with this device that much quicker and easier.

The Health Mate app provides a clean interface to display your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your heart rate all on one screen. The app displays colored bullets (green, orange, and red) which give you instant visual feedback on how your measurement correlates to the blood pressure classification from the National Institute of Health.

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor gives a glimpse into the future of your personal health management and is yet another high tech product offered by Withings.

​​Your measurements are automatically stored and backed up on the Withings Health Cloud, so no need to worry about losing track of any information. We find this to be a strong point of the app since it is a great idea to follow your blood pressure trends over time.

The Health Mate app also integrates information from other wireless Withings health devices including the WS-30 Wireless Scale, WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer, and Pulse O2 Activity Tracker. So if you already have one of these items, you can monitor all of your measurements in one centralized place with the Health Mate app.

Having a digital history of your reading allows you to easily share your data with your doctor (or any trusted health professional) via email directly from the app. If you have additional Withings products such as a scale or body analyzer, you can have a pretty complete picture of your health over time (blood pressure, pulse, weight, etc.) which can be invaluable to you and your doctor.

You can even upload your blood pressure results to Facebook or other social media platforms if you feel so inclined.

Another cool thing about the Health Mate app is that you can sync your measurements with over 100 other health and fitness apps including Runkeeper, iBP, and MyFitnessPal. This is a great feature for people with weight loss or diet goals because you can potentially log your blood pressure, pulse, weight, calories consumed, and calories burned each day to ensure that you are making progress towards your goals.

This Withings Blood Pressure Monitor can also be programmed to take 3 consecutive readings and then store the average of those readings, which is a handy feature. Be sure to only get your hands on authentic Withings BP machine using our links that lead you straight to the real deal.

No Cords, No Clutter

The wireless aspect of this Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is great for those who get annoyed by cords or cables that inevitably get tangled up. Another added benefit of being completely wireless is that there are less parts you have to worry about breaking or needing replacement.

In the event that the Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet is not working properly, Withings does include a USB adaptor that you can plug your charger into. Having your device directly connected to the monitor automatically launches the Health Mate app after you press the start button for you to quickly take a reading.

Note that Android devices are currently only able to connect to the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor via Bluetooth, although Withings will be adding the capability to also utilize the USB adaptor for the Android platform in the near future.

The Withings Wireless is powered by 4 AAA batteries, which Withings delivers pre-installed in the monitor. Being battery powered makes this Withings Blood Pressure Monitor very portable, although we would like to see Withings take it to the next step to make the unit rechargeable.

However, with the current configuration, users are reporting that the batteries have generally lasted through 4-6 months of daily use.

Is it Easy to Use?

We certainly think so! See the short video below for the quick process needed to use the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.

Basically, after correctly placing the ergonomic cuff around your upper arm, just press the start button on the cuff which automatically opens the Health Mate app on your compatible smartphone or table to start taking a measurement. It really is that simple.

They Really Did Think of Everything!

Even the box is well-designed! It has a magnetic flap which reliably stays sealed, making the box double as a great storage case as well. So be sure to not tear the box up after you receive this monitor from Amazon.

The simple, visually appealing instruction manual provides step-by-step color graphics for setting up and using th​is Withings Blood Pressure Monitor. The instructions are translated into French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

One complaint about the instruction manual is that it is merely a short booklet that does not provide extensive instructions and information on the product like user's manual typically do and may not contain all of the details you might expect it to. However, support from Withings is only an email away to answer your questions.

The device has proven to be accurate when used according to the instructions, so make sure you are taking full advantage of this piece of technology!

Additional Information - Warranty, Cuff Size, Noise Level

The Withings Wireless BP monitor is an FDA-Cleared Medical Device and comes with a 12 month warranty.

The well-designed cuff is standard in size, accommodating arms 9 - 17 inches (22 - 42 cm) in circumference. We find the inflation and deflation mechanism of the cuff to be quiet as well.


  • 5.5 x 3.5 x 6 inches with a shipping weight of 1.8 pounds
  • Included are the BP monitor (with 4 AAA batteries pre-installed), USB adaptor, and instruction manual


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Advanced smartphone application - Health Mate app
  • Sleek, futuristic design
  • Low noise level
  • Batteries included & pre-installed for you


  • Health Mate app not tablet optimized (yet)
  • Warranty only 12 months
  • High price point

C​onsumer Ratings

With a 3.9/5 star rating, the Withings Wireless is not yet a top pick amongst consumers. There are some low 1-star individual ratings reducing the overall rating of the monitor from users reporting technical difficulties, either with the cuff itself or with the Health Mate app. However, many users are in love with the monitor and think it's one of the best inventions since sliced bread.


The Withings Wireless ​Blood Pressure monitor has a retail price of $129.95. Currently, you can purchase this high-tech machine from Amazon and get free shipping.

Grab this on its great deal running only until the end of July 2021!


Withings is becoming the Apple of the health industry with the sleek designs and innovation put into each of their devices and has hit a home run with their wireless blood pressure monitor.

They did not quite hit a grand slam (yet, at least) since their Health Mate app is not tablet optimized and the warranty on their ​Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is only for 1 year. However, those are small pitfalls for the excellent value this machine provides.

We find the Withings Wireless to be a great choice for anyone of you looking for a travel-friendly monitor that also makes it easy to record and share your health information. We expect other manufacturers to start utilizing Bluetooth technology in the near future to give Withings some competition.

Regardless of what other companies are doing, the Withings Wireless is without a doubt a great pick to add to your health care armada.

Last updated on June 19th, 2020